Colin Sanders

Colin Sanders joined the cosmetic industry in 1983 and the Society of Cosmetic Scientists shortly afterwards.  His degree is in Environmental Science and he has continued to have a strong interest in the environment and green issues generally.  

As a formulator he has worked on branded cosmetics, own labels and licensed pharmaceuticals across a wide range of product types.  There aren’t many things that get into cosmetic laboratories that he hasn’t put in a beaker.

As a member of the SCS council he organised the first two Formulate shows and has been a regular speaker at cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry meetings.

Although it is a very small part of his career he is best known for his blog, Colin’s Beauty Pages which is intended to entertain, educate and inform members of the public about cosmetic products.  He has also written two books – one for a popular audience called A Guide to Cosmetic Ingredients for the Perplexed, and one for fellow technical managers called A Guide to the EU Cosmetic Regulations for the Perplexed.

In 2013 he started Colin’s Cosmetic Consultancy which offers a range of services intended to solve the problems of people working in cosmetic development, problems which he is very familiar with given his long career in the business.  This includes formulation and regulatory advice, and also sourcing and small scale manufacture and filling.