Who can join us

AllergyAward is for you if you are a brand owner, if you are private label producer, if you are a product developer, a blogger, journalist, a student within dermatology, working with skin allergy in some aspect, a nurse or if you just simply want to know more about skin and allergy.


In order to register a product for AllergyAward your products need to be skin friendly. That means that they can not contain any ingredients known to be allergenic for example chemicals classified with R43/H 317, perfume, formaldehyde, formaldehyde donors, Methylisothiazolinone and Methylchloroisothiazolinone.

Our toxicologist will go through the declaration of each product before it is send to the appropriate judges. If any questions arises for example regarding a concentration of a specific ingredient, we will contact you in order to get the concentration. For detergents and other products without a declaration on the product we will need a complete INCI list of all the ingredients used in the product.

The products do not need to have any kind of labeling whether it be in the area of allergy nor environment.

Registration of products

If you want to register a product you send a mail to: where you write what product or products you would like to register in what categories. You will receive an invoice for the registered products. The invoice has to be paid before AllergyAward takes place. It costs 80 euros ex VAT (or if preferred in Danish Kroner 600 kroner ex VAT) to register one product. A product can be registered in all the categories relevant for that specific product for no further costs.
EXAMPLE: A bodylotion for women can be registered in both categories ‘Women’ and ‘chosen by the consumers’ and you will only be invoiced 80 euros plus VAT (or if you prefer in Danish Kroner 600 ex VAT) even though you register your product in two different categories.

You will send samples of each registered product to:
Pilestræde 43, 3
1112 Copenhagen K

If you only register your product in one category we need five samples of the product so we can send it to the judges and also send to our photographer for pictures. If one of your products – for example a body lotion is registered for three different categories you will need to send us 11 samples of the same bodylotion. This because we have different judges in different categories.

So 1 product is registered in:
1 category = 5 samples
2 categories = 8 samples
3 categories = 11 samples
4 categories = 14 samples
5 categories = 17 samples

You can register as many different products as you like.

You want to register 1 bodylotion in 3 categories, 1 deodorant in 4 categories, 1 shampoo in 1 category and 2 face creams in each 2 categories you send us:

11 bodylotions
14 deodorants
5 shampoos
and 8 of each of the face creams.

Registration to the event

You can participate in the AllergyAward and meet all the speakers, the brandholders, bloggers if you send a mail to writing how many and the names of the people you want to register. The price per person is: 270 euros plus VAT (or if you prefer in Danish Kroner; 2.000 ex VAT).

Bank information
Registration number 9090
Account number 0002918617

Swift: STHYDK21
Iban: DK52 9090 0002 9186 17


Deadline for registration of products for AllergyAward2018 is: January 26, 2018.
Deadline for registration of people for AllergyAward2018 is: April 15, 2018.
Be aware there are a limited amount of seats.