AllergyAward 2016

AllergyAward is a mixture between hardcore science and festive presentation of different perspectives on contact dermatitis. Or put in other words; AllergyAward is a celebration of all the people working in the field of contact dermatitis.

All the professors, all the doctors, all the companies producing skin friendly products, all the raw material companies supplying ingredients, all the communicators telling the public about how to prevent getting skin allergy and also the politicians who listen to the latest news coming from the rest of us.

The winner of the category “Skin friendly product chosen by the consumers” Nilens Jord Mineral Foundation Loose

The winner of the category “Woman” Derma Ansigts Solcreme SPF15

The winner of the category “Children product” Coop Cold Cheeks Cream

The winner of the category “Household” Zebla Sportsvask

The winner of the category “Institution/professionel” Decubal Original Clinic Creme

The winner of the category “Man” Zenz Styling Paste no 06

Professor Donald Belsito and Professo Christian Avnstorp

Professor Tove Agner speaking about work related contact dermatitis

Professor An Goosen speaking about contact dermatitis

Drum Session AllergyAward 2016