How skin-friendly is your routine?

If you ever thought “I never use that much..” or “I only use this and that when..” then you are at the right place.

We dare you to count the products you use. No matter the expectations you have – our experience is that the results will surprise you. It is real simple. Tick the items you use on an average day and count.

NB: If you don’t wear makeup or clean your home every day, then count the items you use on a day where you do put on makeup or clean.


Beauty and more..
☐Face tonic
☐Facial mist
☐Face mask
☐Face wipes
☐Make up remover
☐Anti blemish / Spot stick


☐Face cream (day)
☐Face cream (night)
☐Face oil
☐Face serum
☐Eye cream
☐Lip balm
☐Lip oil

☐Body lotion
☐Body butter
☐Body milk
☐Body oil

☐Hand lotion
☐Hand & nail cream
☐Foot cream
☐Foot spray

☐Anti cellulite
☐Anti stretch marks
☐Bleaching cream

☐Hair oil
☐Hair serum
☐Hair tonic
☐Dry shampoo

☐Saltwater spray
☐Wax / Paste
☐Hair Powder
☐Heat protection

☐BB/CC cream
☐Mineral powder


☐Eye shadow
☐Eyelash serum
☐Glue (fake lashes)
☐Brow pencil
☐Brow palette
☐Brow gel
☐Brow mascara

☐Setting spray
☐Blotting paper

☐Lip gloss
☐Lip liner

☐Nail polish
☐Gel lack
☐Glue (fake nails)
☐Nail polish remover


☐Wax / Wax strips
☐After shave gel / oil / balm
☐Anti ingrown hair/ Exfoliators

☐Body shimmer / shine
☐Self tan products
☐Firming / shaping cream


Shower and Bathroom
☐Face wash / Cleanser / Soap
☐Face scrub / Exfoliators
☐Hair cure / treatment

☐Hair colouring
☐Eyelash colouring
☐Brow colouring

☐Body scrub
☐Body wash
☐Body shampoo 
☐Shower gel
☐Bath salts
☐Bath oil

☐Intimate soap / gel
☐Shaving gel / foam / cream
☐Hair removal cream
☐Pantyliners / Pads
☐Menstrual cup


Baby / Children
☐Fat creme
☐Baby oil
☐Baby balm

☐Nappy creme / Zinq creme
☐Bath oil



Washing and cleaning
☐Hand soap
☐Diswashing soap
☐Laundry detergent
☐Fabric softener
☐Stain remover

☐Limescale remover
☐Oven cleaner
☐Disinfect spray for surfaces
☐Toilet cleaner
☐Scouring cream


Once you have counted, think about how many of them have an allergy certification.

Take a look at their INCI list (the chemical names on the back of the products) do they contain fragrance such as perfume, essential oils or aroma? Check for all the chemicals we do not allow


We work every day to make skin-friendly choices accessible
No matter what you need – no matter where you are. We want the industry to make smart choices heavily based on current and valid research.

We want skin-friendly to be a widespread and easy lifestyle amongst consumers – so you and your family can sleep, wear clothes, shower, scrub, shave, moisturize, wash laundry, clean your home, play with children’s toys, use makeup and sanitary products with no known allergenic chemicals adding to your risk of developing a skin allergy and no known endocrine disrupting chemical messing with you and your loved ones fertility.

We wish to certify everything that is in direct contact with your skin often or for long periods of time.

Why? Because we want to minimize your risk of developing skin allergy.