SPF in your day cream. Really?

Thoughts from an anti-allergista

I just don’t get it. And my nature is to believe, that when I don’t get it, what about you? Do you get it?

The issue is SPF or said in more plain English how you protect yourself from the sun. The easy answer is to stay indoor. But that is both boring and unhealthy – we neeeeed those D-vitamins, we get from the sun. The next answer is to wear a hat. Honestly, 98 % of the population looks ridiculous with a hat and the last 2 % forget the hat.  So the hat is not the answer either.

Then you have the possibility to buy a day cream that contains SPF. The idea of a day cream with SPF must come from a marketing person: ‘we will tell women, they need to protect their skin and avoid wrinkles by buying our day cream (which is always incredibly expensive) with SPF. It is the new orange turned black. They (women) will love the idea – SPF every day all year round and never a wrinkle. Yeah.’

Well first of all: we do not need to protect ourselves from the sun 8 out of 12 months during the year. If we do actually choose a day cream with SPF, we risk two things: first of all – the D-vitamins, we actually need them, it is no fun to suddenly experience lack of D-vitamin. Ask any of your friends who have tried it. Second of all: sun filters are potential skin allergy triggers. The more often you are exposed to sun filters, the higher the risk of getting allergy. So you might enhance your chances of avoiding wrinkles, but you risk getting a lifelong allergy.

When all this is said and done: always as in A L W A Y S wear sunscreen when you are in the sun between 12 and 15 pm during the summer months. Wearing sunscreen does not mean put a little in your face and on your arms. It means using a big handful all over your body.

I will leave the day cream with SPF on the shelves.