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I have written before about my love for Queen, the British skincare and cosmetics company which has kept high-society faces looking Grace-Kelly-fresh for almost 90 years. Queen will never lose their place in my personal Top 10 of Glamour Brands, as they possess niche appeal and back-story to die for. Queen have built their success upon products tailored to suit the needs of those with sensitive skin. They have now become officially Allergy Certified – the first UK cosmetic company to receive this accreditation.


Queen Sensiderma Renew & Refine and Queen Skin Cream have each been awarded Allergy Certified Accreditation – represented by the big blue tick you see in the photo to the left.

I hope that more UK companies will put their money where their mouth is when it comes to Allergy Certification, because a good clear stamp of accreditation catches the eye and convinces in a way that the somewhat over-used (and never required to be backed up by science) term ‘hypoallergenic’ just can’t.

Currently, there seems to be a confusing back-and-forth dialogue around the best way to treat skin sensitivity. A strong push towards natural and organic products on the one hand; the twin pillars of E45 and similar basic emollients on the other. The thing about natural and organic is that unfortunately, the essential oils and extracts used in these products can often induce or exacerbate allergies. That’s why some heritage perfumes have had to be re-formulated to suit modern guidelines around allergies and irritations. And E45? It’s undoubtedly a wonder product, and I know someone who suffered serious health and skin problems that E45 sorted and who consequently swears by it, but – if you’re a shallow thing like me, and you want a bit of beauty in your skincare regime … it doesn’t quite hit the spot

Queen cosmetics -skin cream

Back in 2000 I suffered a miserable outbreak of non-specific dermatitis on my left palm, which scaled like a dragon’s hide, itched and burned, and generally made me feel miserable. I was prescribed E45 – which I hated, because it was so medicinal and carried no beauty-feel. It made no difference, so after a while I turned to my local Chinese medicine shop. What they gave me made no difference either, but it did make me feel more glamorous, so I stuck with it. If only I could have sought out and compared products bearing a big, blue tick to find the right skincare for me! My sensitive skin healed as soon as I left the flat I’d been unhappily living in at the time – so perhaps it was really mind affecting matter.

But I wish that I’d known then of Queen Skin Cream, the soft, yellow balm, originally marketed as Skin Food, that is especially good for very dry skin and eczema-prone skin. I suspect that it would have soothed the savage scale effectively, and I know that it would have made me feel like a glamour-puss when I used it – and, as mind was affecting my matter, maybe that would have cleared it up faster? I’ll never know. I am currently using Queen Skin Cream to give love to my neglected elbows. Honestly, elbows and knees are what really reveal your age – forget hands – joints are where you need to put the work in!Queen Sensiderma Renew & Refine Allergy Certified

If you are concerned that your face is showing all that life has thrown at you, you might like to consider using Queen Sensiderma Renew & Refine. This moisturiser can be used for day and night, or as a topical application for fine lines. It’s a silky cream formulation that absorbs beautifully. It doesn’t leave any heavy residue behind, but keeps the skin feeling supple and moist all day. I think it’s great, but because I don’t have sensitive skin, I asked a friend to test it too. Her skin is so reactive that she has to carefully patch-test anything new on an inconspicuous area… she reported no problems at all with Sensiderma Renew & Refine, and very much appreciated the light, easy feel.


Queen Cosmetics Allergy Certified skincare won’t be the range for you if you’re all about the natural trend: but it could well be the answer to your skincare needs if you’re looking for reliable, non-reactive products that have built a loyal following over almost 90 years of mainly word-of-mouth promotion.

I love that Queen aren’t content to rest on their laurels, but are still innovating, and now leading the pack in bringing allergy certification to the UK.

A big thank you to Catherine Lees at Queen Cosmetics for the products reviewed in this post.

Queen Cosmetics Sensiderma Renew & Refine has an RRP of £37.25 for 45ml. It’s stocked at John Bell & Croyden, if you feel like a trip into town to try it out. Alternatively, you can purchase it online from Queen.

Queen Skin Cream has an RRP of £16.50 for 50g/£24.75 for 100g. You can find it online here.

Queen offer trial sizes of everything bar their Eyelash Cream and Soap, so do browse their website and see what catches your eye!