AllergyAward is a mixture between hardcore science and festive presentation of different perspectives on contact dermatitis. Or put in other words; AllergyAward is a celebration of all the people working in the field of contact dermatitis.

All the professors, all the doctors, all the companies producing skin friendly products, all the raw material companies supplying ingredients, all the communicators telling the public about how to prevent getting skin allergy and also the politicians who listen to the latest news coming from the rest of us.

AllergyAward2019 will be held on the 8th of April in Malmö.

Why AllergyAward

AllergyAward is a day filled with excitement, passion and science. Excitement because this is the day where we find out what products can wear the AllergyAward logo. Passion because all of us participating this day are passionate about skin friendly products. And science because this is the day where we can meet and hear some of this world’s best and most prominent researchers tell us about their latest research.

Our mission with AllergyAward is first of all to give a thumbs up to all the people spending every working hour making skin friendly products, second of all we would like to make the gap between researchers and producers just a little bit smaller. Finally, we want to use AllergyAward to tell the world about skin allergy and how you can prevent it.


You can ask any questions regarding AllergyAward by mail to Lisa Jensen at or call us at +45 5363 3760.

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