For AllergyAward2019 there are seven categories.

Best skin friendly product for Children

We see a change in skin allergy – more young children get allergenic to perfume and essential oils. Therefore we believe it is important to focus on the young peoples skin and the possibilities we have to prevent an increase in the number of children getting skin allergy.

Best skin friendly product for Women Face

Women use a lot of different cosmetic products probably between 10 and 30 products every single day (yes, try counting how many you use yourself), they use make-up and they are often in contact with detergents. For that reason it is a good idea to choose skin friendly as often as possible.

Best skin friendly product for Women Body

We have chosen to split the category in two because of the growing interest for the women category and the vast number of products marketed for women in general.

Best skin friendly product for Men

The number of magazines having grooming pages for men is increasing. At the same time men get perfume allergy from their deodorants and they get allergy towards products they meet at the work place. It is not necessarily easy to get mens attention when the subject is cosmetic products. But with this category we hope to at least open the door to their attention room.

Best skin friendly product for institutions/professionals

Day in and day out you will meet products that are in contact with your skin where you work. This can be a challenge especially for people working with people: hair dressers, social workers, nurses and doctors, cleaners and for people working in the industry with different materials such as epoxy, enzymes and different oils. For that reason we believe this category is of great importance: remember to ask your workplace to choose skin friendly. There is no need you develop skin allergy during your working hours.

Best skin friendly product for household

Many people confuse the smell of perfume with the room being clean! There is absolutely no reason to put perfume in neither your cleaning detergent nor your washing powder. None. And there is no reason why your dish washer should run on perfume. It does not clean, it just smells. Add to that the products you use in your household can sometimes be a bit more harse to the skin, so it is important that you use products without allergenic or irritative ingredients.

Best skin friendly product chosen by the consumers

This is a chance for the consumers to choose their favorite skin friendly product Being a consumer gives you a lot of opportunities and in some ways power. You have the power to choose the products you put on your skin. For this category the brand owners will register their products, the judges will find the five best products and then it is the consumers who will vote for the winner – what skin friendly product do they prefer.