Zaneta Geltz

Zaneta established an unique magazine regarding allergies, immunology and asthma. After a year and about 1000 interviews with scientists and specialists, she formulated a golden recipe for a happy life, and started to live by it.

After 4 months of consequent discipline and changed food and habits, she lost 18 kg and reduced the size from 42 to 34. Now, she develops an international magazine connecting health areas with self-development, to break through with the message that the “impossible mission” can be achieved sooner than we think.

HAPPY EVOLUTION magazine is a self-operated manual containing 10 steps to the right health quality to lead the reader further to happiness and life balance. As an educated linguist and a journalist she spent nearly 20 years cooperating with Scandinavian producers, where learnt a lot about chemicals, ingredients, certification and consumer communication.

Ecology and sustainability is now her business priority, that is why the magazine is not going to present any unsustainable or uncertified products, not to mislead the readers with semi-food or harmful cosmetics.