Why choose AllergyCertified products?

Our skin is our biggest organ. Take good care of it from day one and prevent allergy. That is what we do.

Figures for skin allergy are changing these years. Example: in the past, we referred to perfume allergy as an old woman’s disease. Today, it is both sexes and all ages who become allergic to perfume. This is too bad, because skin allergy is a chronic disease which may reduce the quality of life and you have to live with it for life. Therefore, we highly recommend that you do what you can to prevent allergies for you and your family.

You can prevent skin allergy for you and your family by choosing products that have been AllergyCertified. You can see the list of certified products here: And you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to continuously see newly certified products.

More about allergy
Inside your body there is something called T-cells – colloquially we call them ‘remember cells’. T-cells are the ones who react if they perceive that they must defend the skin against allergenic ingredients such as perfume, bad preservatives or essential oils. If you have become allergic to fragrance, the T-cells will remember. This means that even if you then keep a very long break from the fragrance and then think – ‘I just have to try again’, the T-cells say ‘wow, now comes the ingredient on the skin again, that we do not like – we’d better react’. And the response of the cells will leave you itching, with eczema or other discomfort. Therefore, due to the T-cells memory, skin allergy is chronic. And therefore you should prevent developing skin allergy.