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If you want a contract with AllergyCertified you can send an email to Lene Stiil or give her a call.
M: T: +45 5363 3760

If you want to hear more about the criteria related to AllergyCertified you can send an email to Ewa Daniél or give her a call.
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How we do business not only in a skin-friendly way, but also in a more climate friendly way.

There are multiple ideas and beliefs how we best take care of our planet, but there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that we only have this one planet and we better treat it as good as possible.

After the first five years of AllergyCertified we can see a pattern with regards to how and where we travel most often. It has turned out that New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona are our top-5 destinations when it comes to meetings and events. 

Being an International certification organization, we can’t refrain from travelling, but we can change the way we travel. 

Meetings with AllergyCertified

The way we travel, will also affect the way we do meetings. There are definitely advantages in the face-to-face meeting, but when we are talking about people we have already met these advantages diminish. Therefore we have decided that meetings with companies, advisory boards, brand owners, partners that we already know and have met before will be handled online. There are excellent tools for this use; our favorites are WhereBy, Skype or Teams.

For people we have not yet met, we suggest an online introduction to AllergyCertified and our work and then if it turns out that we will continue working with a new brand or private label company we are happy to travel wherever is necessary. 

We will of course still be a part of the conferences and events worldwide that are relevant for our work. 

How we travel

When we do decide to travel, we will only do it by plane if the destination can not be reached with train or electrical car within 12 hours. 

Just a few examples to show the impact of these guidelines for travelling less:

Amsterdam, Warsaw, Stockholm, Oslo will be reached by either train or electrical car. 

Barcelona, Rome, Istanbul, New York, Sydney will be reached by plane and only when absolutely necessary. 


We look forward to meeting you whether it’ll be online or in real life.